Sivana Sherlag 2018

Background: The Problem

Many people use monetization tools like display ads and content payable links on their website's content. Many times, doing it wrong, might risk the SEO scoring, and damage the user experience of the end users.


Infolinks offer their users a database of tips, tricks and how to's to improve their optimization tools usage and increase their general marketing proffesional knowledge. 

My Role

Senior UX designer.

The main objective of the project was to create a new look for the site, construct an updated layout for the old blog, with a responsive structure.

Aside from the content layout and UI design, I wrote the PRD, worked closely with the marketing team (the site's owners) and managed the outsourced development company who built the project.


The research process mostly focused on 2 key ingredients:

  1. The company's needs.

  2. The site visitors' needs.

  3. Market research.


The first goal was to understand what are the functions that the company wishes to provide on this content platform, and which functionalities users who visit the site will need and want.


One of the insights we found on our research, was that people who create content would want to share an interesting article with their colleagues. There's an incentive for sharing both on the company's side and on the users' needs. So we added a few options for sharing in different locations on the page, based on context (and without being too 'pushy' about it).

Wireframing and UI design

After defining the site's structure, content and functionalities, we moved on to designing the mockups. In order to create a new look for the site, we needed to reconsider the brand's colors, and adjust the company's website look and feel to fit the new vision statement and values.


Key takeaways

This was the first time for me working with dynamic content and structure. The challenge taught me how important it is to plan ahead with a strategy to "what happens if". You can't cover every case, but you can create templates and guidelines for possible solutions.

Complex configuration system

Analytics dashboard
and BI system