Sivana Sherlag 2018


For the past 10 years, I have been designing UX/UI for leading brands and products, consulting product strategy, and contributing to the product's user experience and performance.

My process includes concept creation, product strategy, research on the market, business & user, content hierarchy and wireframing, all the way through UI design, Product ownership, and data analysis.


For the past 6 years, I’ve been also writing, editing in the inspiration magazine - Pixel Perfect and giving lectures about UX tools on various occasions.



Analytics dashboard

and BI system

AppsFlyer - 2016


Redesigning the main dashboard and the entire platform of the product, creating a UX process

in the company, embedding analytics measurement in the product.

Onboarding - Product Management

AppsFlyer - 2016


Researching, redefining and rebuilding the onboarding process with multiple teams across the company.

Complex configuration system

AppsFlyer - 2018


Redesigning the configuration system and the marketplace for the company's Integrated Partners.

B2B Content website

Infolinks - 2015


Architecturing and redesigning the new content website for the company's blog.

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