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Recent projects

Backend system for a B2B service

A CRM system supporting client-facing teams in their day to day work. Aligning the company to a single source of truth.

Analytics dashboard & BI system

Big data analytics dashboard and the entire product. Creating a UX method

in the company, embedding analytics measurement in the product - in startup agile company

Onboarding - Product Management

This is how we took an extensive and complex process of signing up to a SAAS product and simplified it. 

Integration configuration system

A configuration system, that started small and simple but grew and overtime needed a simplification. This is how we did it.

How people Experience me

It's not often I get to come across a really passionate and talented person who stands out like Sivana. I had the pleasure of working with her for the past seven years.

We collaborated on 'Pixel Perfect magazine׳, an online magazine for product designers and creators, where she wrote articles, interviewed professionals and covered local UX conferences.


I was impressed by Sivana’s ability to constantly pitch-in and help out in the challenges we faced in the magazine.

Sivana helped in making the ‘Pixel Perfect’ team feel more like a family. It would be a pleasure to collaborate with her again in the future!


Design Consultant & Entrepreneur Founder

Pixel Perfect

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