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Creating Impactful, Human-Centered Solutions with Clarity
and Collaboration


Creating Clarity

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. 

I help in Uncovering the Problem and forge the Path to Solutions

Fostering Focus_illustration.png

Fostering Focus

We want to do it all at once, but the truth is, we can’t.


I help Clear the Path to Achievement by Prioritizing and Strategizing.

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Facilitating Teamwork

A solution can be impactful only if the team creating it works together.

I enable a process that supports meaningful collaboration



Led UX research and strategy for a SAAS platform. The solution aims to improve medication prescription accuracy for anxiety and depression patients, using advanced algorithms and machine learning.


Enhancing the Big Data Analytics Dashboard Experience and seamlessly integrating these improvements throughout the product. Implemented UX methodologies and analytics to drive optimization.


Created a CRM system for client-facing teams, establishing a single source of truth. Collaborated with the PM to define user-driven requirements, streamline workflows, and enable swift financial transactions.


Led the redesign of a complex configuration system that evolved over time, involving gathering user feedback, identifying pain points, collaborating with the PM and Dev to define a solution, and validating it with users.


Sivana performed a very thorough user research, analyzed the inputs and let the results drive the design, which brought to a great user centric results.


VP Product Management, Taliaz



This is me

I collaborate with teams and visionaries, crafting meaningful solutions.

With a rich background in workshop facilitation, teaching, and expertise in Design Thinking methods, I bring a unique blend of hands-on experience and strategic thinking to the table.

As a Podcaster, Speaker, Community Leader, and Mentor, I aim for Human-Centered thinking, where technology becomes a means to an end - improving the quality of human lives.

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Talking to customers effectively

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